Monday, November 29, 2010

Snow Bell

Don't I look cute in the snow????

ella and catty in the snow

hi its el look at me pawing at the door . catty said LET ME IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I had a nice time snow hutn' with penny good night bye ella

    Sunday, November 28, 2010

    cattys news

    Ella caught in crime she is on a diet and is caught in a midnight snack. HA HA heecatty out!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Yes it finally snowed!!!!!! I hope it doesn't snow more than 9 inches though I might drown!!!
    Molly out!!!!!!!

    the snow

    today it snowed some of the girls and I were snow hunt'in.we had a blast. mallball and I the penben.catty was ther for a little.but not SOME ONE OK it was ella . look at the guilt in her
    penny reporting out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the food bowl group

    here are two tips on food.look cute.and the video.

    Penben's Huntin' Corner

    Hi!!!!! It's time for penbens huntin' corner!!!!! This week I have done well, but not as well as I wanted to, only 10 different animals (estimate). Well this weeks tip is KEEP your catch, in other words savor every mouse that you catch. I have found out that humans do not like it when you try to bring in a share of my prey.
    Stay Stealthy,

    cattys news

    ella and penben take down mice in the mouse creek massacre.we have a pic of pen on the move .This is catty only telling the facts. go to old posts for more info.back to it penben is in the led in catlettics with 34 kills el in 2th with 12 moly in 3th with 5 and me in 4th with 2
    want to know more on the stars go to mollys page

    mollys page

    I am molly the cat and I will give you tips on how

    get the birds.1 stock silently.2 clime as fast as
    possible.3 claw it first then the teeth.4 dig in. go
    to mollys page for new bird info every week!!!!!!
    molly out!!!!!!!!!
    ps catty is a old nervous wreck .for more go to mollys page next week
    molly out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sleep in a day

    I love sleeping. It is a time where I take a break from fight catty and molly with penny.I take a lot of time off now because the last war we had penben and I lost

    Ellas jump

    the cat daring jump for water.

    penny in action

    Penny waits for the kill and gos on time.

    Now shes on the move stocking her prey and kills it with deadly accuracy.

    peny hunts

    The first time I ever hunted I was about 13 catyears old . my people were amazed that I cot a snake with legs.So I kept in doing it I cot 6 mice ,1 rabbit and 2 birds.and I am ok at it.
    Ella begs for food!!!

    Ella, Don't Jump!

    Ellas rampage

    One day I catty my self I was napping OK sleeping. When Ella put me in to a brawl I swiped to the left now the right.Now Ella was now biting I ran to the door in the fights BLOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The boy came over and helped me. Then he wiped me of Ella and my blood.

    The Mouse Creek Massacre

    A couple of days ago it was I, Penny and my accomplice, Ella who pulled off the biggest mouse massacre ever! Okay, so here's how the story goes, it was mid morning and Ella and I spotted a pack of mice heading directly due east. That's when I pulled a surprise attack on their pack. By the time we had been fighting 30 seconds many mice lay dead. When we were done both Ella and I had a hearty feast. When I got home I got in trouble for having blood on my nose. Well, that's the logic of humans for you.
    A misunderstood Hunter,

    The Cats

    this is catters

    this is el aka ella

    this is mallball aka molly

    the lazy cat

    As Ella the cat I am a big cat who only sleeps and eats. Today Sunday 28 of Nov. 2010 I had a 3 4ths full food bowl and I said this is UNACCEPTABLE I must have more food. So I ran off to get the human and I came back with him. He filled it up for me. And I went back to sleep. For more sleep tips on cats, go to Ella's Sleep Corner.

    Tree Time

    Today I, penben was chased up a tall tree by a mean ragdoll tom named Frank. But I wouldn't pass up on an opportunity to show my mad ninja tree climbing skillz. But then I got tired of siting up 30 feet in the air and I started whining (meoing) to be let down. Then, this nice man came and coaxed me down from the tall elm tree. After that little caper, I was back to hunting. You can check out more about my latest huntin' trip at penben's huntin' corner at